Sunday, September 6, 2020

Professional Gear Sales & Installs by Elite Audio Engineer Technicians

Now Serving the Greater Houston Area!

Please contact us if you would like a quote for installs: 

Home, Office, Shops, Restaurants, Bars, Event Halls, Venues, Praise & Worship

Indie Host creates online places for individuals who want to reach those who matter most to them. Our clients enjoy the most from what the internet offers without taking time from that which they use to do their job. We're a web firm for music professionals who need us because websites take a ton of work to build and run. Our clients don't have time to do the tasks themselves, so they use our team to step in and do it for them. And, now we bring Audio Techs to our squad.

As we continue to ever grow in our process, we aim to help our clients run a site that converts their web traffic into sales that support them. They benefit because we help them find and retain online customers. We also guide musicians up a career path that feeds them. We can now serve to make and release songs with a pro's touch to give our clients a head start. We also help them to learn DIY in one on one chats in the client area.

Our techs work as Audio Engineers with companies like LiveNationWarehouseLiveGuitar CenterRhino Staging, and others. They also serve as producers, teachers, and hands for those who wish to start up. Due to the growing number of souls who need us, and along with New Gear, We're ecstatic to proclaim it! We now offer audio equipment installs for homes, businesses, and organizations in our city and more. 

Additional Services Coming Soon!

  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Live Sound
  • Lighting
  • Video

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